How can thousands of historical objects from over 60 years of company history be documented in a manner that secures them for the future? Countless products, each telling a unique story. The objects are stored in a professional archive under strict conservation guidelines. But the question was: how can we bring our heritage to life?

From the beginning Waldeck were fascinated with the project. With the variety of products; balls, footwear, textiles and the vast quantities. Together we designed turntables, we cut up dolls and took many test runs prior to the launch. The next step? We organized object lists, we had to test and approve image files in close collaboration with a great team of Waldeck. They were always on hand to advise us ensuring the results were better than ever. They are always in search of excellence. For Waldeck: There are no problems. And the result? The growing database is available to employees worldwide in order to support new product innovations and designs.

Dr. Barbara Hoelschen, SM Adidas History Management